about us


Sampledge is associated with Market Research Industry since 2017 and are designed with a vision to develop a sampledge to connect the business with global audience and built a complete business suite for all industry verticals to provide ultimate project and sample management processes through powerful real-time data analytics that makes all operation tasks easy and for everyone to use

Sampledge is a Project Management & Sample Management DIY tool for teams working on client projects that lets users manage projects, clients, freelancers, and internal teams with all the features needed to get work done to reduce complexity, save time and make project management job more easy of and less of hustle.

It’s designed to give data collection agencies and research consultants an ideal project management solution for individuals, groups, teams, and organisations projects of all sizes. It’s valuable to freelancers, startups, professional services, research consultants, and SMBs. It’s solid core features & multi layer security to keep everyone on the same page and their business efficient and more productive.

Sampledge helps teams complete projects, reach global audiences, improve efficiency, increase sales and to generate more revenue.Its efficient dashboard features gives real-time data charts and visual reports to provide status, progress,Invoice or project information.

Its advance & automate Management allows users to create and manage unlimited projects. Users have access to multiple views such as list, timeline, clients, suppliers, Projects status,Achieved numbers status and rejections reasons overview and different reports representation for each module.

A drag-and-drop builder lets users create forms to standardize work; automation rules offer multiple actions to choose from. Other features include bidding management, reconciliation, dependency Project management, reports, dashboards, and API integrations along with multi layer security.